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Play ninja games online for free and other hot online games

Play Ninjago games online for free and other hot online games? LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids was released in 2014, following the reboot of the Ninjago series on Cartoon Network. The new game is set several years in the future in New Ninjago City. You fight through thirty levels of gameplay to become a Master of Spinjitzu. ?Nindroids introduces new villains and new characters, as well as new weapons, like the Techno blades that are featured in the TV series on Cartoon Network. Train at the dojo when you need to perfect your button mashing. Or try to beat Jay’s arcade game score in a mini game. You can even play in the story as a giant mech. The Noodle Bar owner is available to give you hints when you get stuck. Available for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Even if you’ve not heard of any other game on this list, you will have heard of this one – the one that arguably started it all. Players control a cell on a map that looks like a petri dish. The aim of the game is simple: absorb as many other cells on the map as possible, and become the largest cell out there.

Stealth fans have nothing to worry about. Enjoy classic platformer while Hide behind objects, jump, and ambush your enemies in Ninjago Skybound. Never heard of fruit ninja? The possibilities are low. Spinjitzu Slash offers fruit ninja fun in a Lego Ninjago environment. Play as Lloyd and Slash up everything tossed at you. Want some classic Whack-A-Mole action? Whack-a-Shark shark is the perfect one with a Lego Ninjago flavour in it. Watch carefully whom you whack though. You don’t want to whack the Master. See even more info at Play Ninja Games.

Phaser is a clear favorite amongst seasoned and beginner game developers who want to build games using a HTML5 framework. Its open-source codebase, and large community allow anyone to quickly get started with creating games for mobile devices and desktop computers. Phaser’s JavaScript functionality comes together with the Pixi.js library that helps to keep together WebGL and Canvas components. With Phaser, you can build games that would net you millions of dollars in revenues if you manage to take an approach of a truly phenomenal game.

How to play Lego Ninjago Games Online? You don’t need any special specific for playing these games. These games are very lite and can be played on any device. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to get going. But make sure your browsers support html5. You can use google chrome in your pc or download Adobe Flash Player for your existing browser. Note that some games are designed to be played on a PC and may not run on mobile. While some games are specifically designed for mobiles and you will get the most out of it when played on a mobile device. So go through our list of games to find out which one you are looking for. Read more information at here.