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Best tricks to get Clash of Clans gems

Clash of Clans is a fabulous strategy game for mobile devices that is very popular even years after launch. You can also play Clash of Clans on PC if you install a Android emulator like Nox or Bluestacks. The rewards for willing a Clan War are, at the highest level, vast, with some players winning up to one million (around £670) in both gold and elixir. Without good defences, it’s impossible to win “Clash of Clans.” Right from the start, players are encouraged to upgrade defences to the maximum level before moving on — the tradeoff being the time and expense. Don’t let this put you off, however. Investing time and gold into getting the highest level archer tower, cannon, or X-Bow, is invaluable and will help ward off attackers at higher levels.

My personal attack strategy for town hall eight: two golems, 17 Valkyrie, two wall breakers, barbarian king, two rage spells, one heal spell, one poison spell. This strategy is for the player who does not have a lot of time to battle, so they go as hard as possible. Deploy the golems about 8 spaces apart so they soak up the damage, then send the wall breakers to break a hole in the walls. Deploy your barbarian king in between the golems to lead the charge, then spam the valkyries behind him to finish the battle. Place your rage spells in front of the golems so they hit every troop, then when they wear down, place your heal spell to ensure victory. Use the poison spell to slow down enemy clan troops or heroes, so they do not ruin your day. This is effective against most town hall eight bases, and some town hall nine bases, as long as their x-bows are not high leveled. See more info at CoC gems generator.

The largest pressure to spend gems is when you need an already-busy builder to get an upgrade. Since you start out with only two builders, it’s easy to find yourself with a glut of resources when upgrades take days instead of hours. The builders are relatively costly compared to other units. The third builder is 500 gems, while the fourth is a more painful 1,000 gems. Unlocking the fifth and final costs a seemingly impossible 2,000 gems. This cost is why you want to make sure that you are getting as many gems as possible. Once you have all five, you can build your upgrades much faster than when you were limited to the two default builders.

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