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Do you want to meet with other gamers? Social gaming networks are ment to connect gamers, helping them to make new friends, creating gaming communities and expanding the reach of gamers from games to the outside world. One of the hot social gaming network in 2019 is GamerIDs, i recommend you to visit them and have fun meeting fellow gamers, make new friends and chat. A lot more of social connections can be made at GamerIDs.

At GamerIDs you can meet people playing all the new cool games of 2019, from which we will present some , adding some latest news from the gaming industry. One of the most famous Xbox game series, Crackdown 3 will finally see the light of day four years after the first official announcement. Available on Xbox One and PC, Crackdown 3 will offer an open world with destructible environments in which players will be able to get into the shoes of special agents with impressive arsenals, improve their weapons and character traits, and enjoy a continuous raging action but also fun. The game will be available starting February 15, 2019.

If Fallout is your favorite, but you’re not too happy with the direction Bethesda goes with Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, The Outer Worlds could be your favorite game of 2019. Produced by Obsidian, meaning those behind Fallout: New Vegas, Neverwinter Nights 2 or Pillars of Eternity, and with Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, the people behind the first Fallout game, the game will combine elements of role-play and action that brought the Borderlands humor to the series. Unlike the Fallout series, the action takes place somewhere on the edge of the galaxy on a planet dominated by corporations occupied with teraforming and exploiting resources. The game will arrive on PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2019.

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After struggling with the pantheon of Greek gods, Kratos is now faced with a new challenge: the famous gods of northern mythology. The fourth iteration of a famous series, the new God of War will offer the same thrilling action, but Kratos will now have to deal with the growth and formation of his son Atreus, which promises quieter moments between action and development. The characters will be released on the PlayStation 4 sometime in the spring of 2018.

Following the famous car game of 2014 will keep the open world character that made it quite attractive, but this time Ubisoft has raised the bar and will offer more. In addition to the expected car races, the game will give the chance to use about all vehicles that have a motor, including aircraft, speedboats or motorcycles. And The Crew 2 will focus on multiplayer, which was a core component of the first title, but will also provide a cooperative way in which players will be able to collaborate during races. Source: